The Runaway Pianist
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About CS Peng
The Pianist Who Loves To Run...
Chi Sheng’s love for music began when he was very young, having attended classical piano lessons since he was 4 years old. After finishing his Grade 8 exams, he realised that his inclination for pop music is much stronger than classical piano and so he decided to take up pop songwriting to learn how to write the songs that were ringing in his heart. 

Under the mentorship of renowned local songwriter Lee Wei Song, Chi Sheng sold his 1st published song “This Time It Is Real 这次是真的” to famous Hong Kong actor Tony Leung 梁朝伟. Chi Sheng was also invited by Cultural Medallion 2012 Winner Dr. Liang Wern Fook to re-interpret 5 of his popular Xinyao hits - 想着你的感觉,恋之憩,担心,说时依旧,你的倒影 – as piano instrumentals, and to also be the assistant producer for Dr. Liang’s very first instrumental album. The album was well received, and proved to be a good testament of Chi Sheng’s piano playing abilities. 

In 2007, together with local singer and vocal coach Aaron Matthew Lim, Chi Sheng founded Intune Music, a Singapore pop music school that specializes in singing courses. Within a few years of establishment, the school attained many awards, including the Top 500 SME Award in 2012. 
自幼,启胜对音乐的热忱就开始萌芽了。 从4岁开始,在母亲的细心栽培与鼓励下,启胜就学习古典钢琴。当他完成了钢琴第8年级考试后,他发现自己的兴趣已偏向流行音乐了。因此他决定报名上写歌创作班,学习如何将心中悬着的旋律一一写出来。

在本地著名音乐创作人李伟菘的指导下,启胜成功的将第一首出版歌曲《这次是真的》卖给了香港顶级演员梁朝伟。 启胜也被2012年新加坡文化奖得主梁文福博士邀请,重新诠释了梁文福5首耳熟能详的新谣创作 :《想着你的感觉》,《恋之憩》,《担心》,《说时依旧》,《你的倒影》。 启胜用钢琴演奏, 并且担任梁文福这首张纯音乐专辑的助理制作人。 这张专辑深受好评,对于启胜的钢琴演奏能力更是个好见证。

2007年,启胜与本地歌手和声乐导师林伟强 (Aaron Matthew Lim) 一起创办了Intune Music,一家专门开办歌唱课程的新加坡流行音乐学校。成立后的短短几年内,Intune获得了无数奖项,其中于2012年荣获了新加坡中小企业500强奖项。
To Run Away To Places Where Your Dreams Are Still Alive...
Running a business was never easy for Chi Sheng, as he knew next to nothing about business management, and had to learn everything the hard way. Many hours were spent on the computer keyboard rather than the musical keyboard, typing out work emails and liaising with clients. 

As a result, Chi Sheng took up running to destress, to re-focus, and to be in tune with nature. During his runs, he found solutions for the problems that he faced in his work, and many of the tunes showcased here were composed during his runs, when his mind is free to run wild.  

Hoping to one day release his own piano instrumental album, Chi Sheng began to gather tunes since the year 2012. He combined fragments of melodies composed during his runs with nature, his overseas escapes, and his life experiences interacting with people from all walks of life - from people with special needs, to those behind bars.

When life is too much to bear, Chi Sheng will close his eyes. In that moment, he is able to run away to imaginary places where he finds solace, laughter and happiness. 
对启胜而言,经营业务并不容易,因为他对企业管理知之甚少,结果常常以吃力不讨好的方式学习待人处事的一切。 比起音乐键盘,更是在电脑键盘上花上很多时间,时常得打字发电邮与客户或学生联系。

于是,他开始跑步,来缓解压力,重新聚焦, 寻找一种与大自然合拍的生活姿态。当启胜在工作上遇到难题,往往都在跑步时找到一些解决的方案。这张专辑所收录的多首曲子,创作灵感也来自于他在跑步的时候,因为跑步时,内心是自由自在的。

因为希望有一天能够发行自己的钢琴音乐专辑,启胜于2012年开始收集旋律。他结合了自己与大自然的奔跑,海外的旅行潜逃,与各个阶层人士互动接触所累积的人生经验与感想 (包括了他所爱的人,有特殊需要的人,在监狱中服刑的人等等),终于整理好了那些片片段段的旋律,将它们收录在这张专辑里。

当生活负担太沉重时,启胜会闭上眼睛, 那一瞬间,他能逃亡到虚拟的世界,找到慰藉,欢笑与幸福。
CS Peng, Chi Sheng, 冯启胜, Runaway Pianist, Piano, Instrumental, Intune Music
The Hesitation Before The Limelight..
Like any other musician, Chi Sheng too has his own insecurities..

“Will the melodies sound better when they are sung or when played on the piano?”
“Are my original tunes too similar to other songs that I have heard before?”
“Are my piano playing skills good enough to record and release a piano instrumental album?”

After a year of contemplation and searching for answers, Chi Sheng finally convinced himself that his melodies and his unique interpretations would be able to touch many piano music lovers’ hearts.  

Over the past 18 years, Chi Sheng has always been an accompanist, a songwriter or a producer, preferring to work in the background. This year, Chi Sheng will take that 1st step into the limelight, and launch his piano album of 8 original songs, during Intune Music’s 10th Anniversary Concert on 19th December 2017!

This debut piano instrumental album entitled “The Runaway Pianist” is a milestone in Chi Sheng’s music career, and also a showcase of the cumulative efforts of his music partners and collaborators, many of whom are luminaries in the Mandarin pop music industry.



过去18年来,启胜宁愿选择在幕后工作,兼当钢琴伴奏,作曲人或制作人 。今年,启胜将在2017年12月19日的Intune音乐10周年音乐会上,从幕后走到台前的聚光灯下,推出他首张钢琴音乐专辑,一共8首原创曲子!

The Child Who Never Left  
Illustrations were never meant just for young children. 
Some can speak volumes to adults too. 
The simplicity and innocence in the illustrations make us feel young and happy again. 
To remind us that all of us were once a child too. 
We laugh and we cry when we want to.  
We do not need to think twice before we say or act.

To find the child who has never left. 

Chi Sheng chose to work with local illustrator Ah Guo to create illustrations for all his original piano titles, in the belief that this will add another dimension to the aural experience.

Maggie Theng, 邓妙华, CS Peng, Runaway Pianist, Chi Sheng
Maggie Theng
And our story unfolds delicately and fondly with the strike of every note.
As memories come rushing back, we realize our bodies still remember the pain, the loss, and the joy.
Join me in a journey with Chi Sheng, a sensitive new age composer-pianist, and travel to where your dreams still lie burning. 

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