C.S. Peng (Chi Sheng) is a pianist and composer who started off with writing tunes for pop singers in the Mandarin music industry. In 2002, he published his 1st song to Hong Kong Superstar Tony Leung entitled “This Time it is Real”, and in 2006, he published his 2nd song to veteran Singaporean Singer Maggie Teng entitled “Time Limit”. As such, he always felt that his melody compositions had to be written primarily for singers to sing easily.

However, in 2017, pianist and composer Chi Sheng began to develop another side of his musical talent which he had not known existed. He released his debut instrumental album, ‘The Runaway Pianist I’, and quickly started receiving lots of positive response from his fans. In the 2 years to follow, he sorted out all the melodies that he had written, and in 2020, during the pandemic lockdown, he recorded and released 2 more instrumental albums – ‘The Runaway Pianist II and III’. As his instrumental music started to gain more traction, Chi Sheng then decided to release a new piano single once every few months.

Growing up in multicultural Singapore, Chi Sheng’s music influences are classical music and pop music (Western and Asian). This can be heard in his compositions, which are a fusion of asian flavours with chinese, korean and japanese influences. Chi Sheng titled 3 of his piano albums under his moniker, ‘The Runaway Pianist’, as he loves to ‘run away’ from his routine work life into his fantasy music world where he loves to compose and create original tunes.

For each piano piece, Chi Sheng has also written a short prose or story to accompany the song and its artwork. His musical versatility can be seen in the different genres that he has dabbled in in his repertoire. ‘My Grandma is a Hainanese’ is a ballad that is dedicated to his Hainanese grandma after she passed on. ‘I want a Lollipop, Muffin, and that Candy Floss in the Sky’ is a French-inspired Waltz which will delight every kid who hears it. ‘Flutter’ is a tango piece, and ‘I’m Perfectly Timed’ is an R&B ballad.

Wearing different caps, Chi Sheng is a music entrepreneur and co-founder of Singapore music school ‘Intune Music’. He is also one-half of a singing duo, QQ Brothers, and also is part of singing trio ‘LimTayPeng’ (The group name is dialect for ‘Drink Iced Milk Tea’). Chi Sheng oversees the music compositions and production of all the songs in these 2 singing groups.


2017年,在一次机缘巧合下,启胜发现了他的另一项才华:钢琴曲创作。一发不可收拾的灵感让启胜同年就发行了首张个人钢琴创作专辑《我背着钢琴远走高飞 I》,此专辑获得音乐界人士的关注。

启胜在发行首张专辑后,用了两年时间整理出他多年来所有创作过的旋律,并在2020年新加坡实行新冠阻断措施居家期间,录制并发行了另两张钢琴创作专辑——《我背着钢琴远走高飞 II 与 III》。由于《我背着钢琴远走高飞》钢琴音乐系列都得到不俗的回响,启胜决定每隔数月就发行新的钢琴曲。

受到多元文化熏陶的启胜,将其思想注入于创作。因此启胜的音乐风格包罗万象,包括西方古典音乐、亚洲流行音乐,中国、韩国、日本曲风等等。启胜三张钢琴创作专辑命名为《我背着钢琴远走高飞 I ,II 与 III 》,因为启胜相信他的钢琴音乐旅程才刚开始,而音乐创作也让他再次回到专属自己的小宇宙。

启胜的每一首创作背后都有属于自己的小故事,《我的奶奶是海南人》是启胜为了纪念过世的奶奶而创作的钢琴曲、 “漂浮在天空中的棒棒糖,小松糕和棉花糖” 是一首弥漫着法国华尔兹情调并充满童年梦想的歌曲。 “荡漾”是动感探戈曲风,而 “习惯性迟到” 主打R&B 民谣,启胜创作中的多种钢琴曲风各自精彩,却也独领风骚。

除了音乐创作,启胜也与合伙人创办了新加坡音乐学院《Intune Music Pte Ltd》,与其伙伴成立双人歌唱组合《QQ兄弟》,并与志同道合的友人组成专注于本地独创音乐的三人组合《Lim Tay Peng》,《Lim Tay Peng》方言直译为《饮茶冰》,启胜也担任双组合的歌曲创作者与音乐制作人。


– 梁文福博士
Dr Liang Wern Fook

And our story unfolds delicately and fondly with the strike of every note. As memories come rushing back, we realize our bodies still remember the pain, the loss, and the joy. Join me in a journey with Chi Sheng, a sensitive new age composer-pianist, and travel to where your dreams still lie burning. 


– 邓妙华
Maggie Theng