The Runaway Pianist
CS Peng, Chi Sheng, 冯启胜, Runaway Pianist, Piano, Instrumental, Intune Music
CS Peng
Songwriter, Pianist, Producer
The Runaway Pianist

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Runaway Pianist Peng Chi Sheng Easy Listening iTunes Russia
To Mum, With Love (与世界相遇) - Piano Instrumental Version by CS Peng Chi Sheng
That Boy's Balloon by CS Peng Chi Sheng - An Animation
That Boy's Balloon by CS Peng Chi Sheng
Live at 'Inspiration Lah!' 2017 at Drama Centre, Singapore
Liang Wern Fook, 梁文福, Xinyao, CS Peng, Chi Sheng, Runaway Pianist
Dr. Liang Wern Fook
Cultural Medallion 2010, Singapore
The pianist decides to take a voyage to a faraway land.
He finally went. 
With his fingers, he shares the journey of the moonlight. 
用手指告诉我们月光的行程 。
Traces Of My Fingerprints..
I tied my shoelaces, shook off the sand from my shoes and started to run into the night. 
Who am I and why did I exist?
Why did I record this album?
Was it a race against time before I got too old?
So old that I began to forget the colours of the love stories they told me
when the moon was gliding across the night,
So old that I began to forget the warmth of the special moments
that I have shared with my loved ones.
What was I running away from?

I paused, took a breath and looked down.
I tied my loose shoelaces again.
The butterfly knots smiled back at me.
I continued my run,
Footsteps echoing in the shadows of the night.

Many nights passed.
 And I found more questions and answers along the way.
I learned to see this world through the eyes of a child.
I love young children. They make me smile.
I love children who are special. They make my music smile.

These are stories of my journey inspired by all who left impressions in my life.

One day, when I am gone,
may there still be traces of my fingerprints left in this world.

~ CS Peng, 2017

出发 (词:萧永力)
我们都曾在漆黑的夜      一直等到天亮
也同样淋着傾盆大雨      反而看清方向
一個人飘荡      让我们慢慢坚强
学会了为自己      盖被后说晚安
曾以为我们过于脆弱      所以容易受伤
却发现伤痛是种本能     有了代表正常
提醒着我们     去检讨    不能重犯
眼泪折射的光      让心能被释放
现在出发      计算好征服今天的步伐
沉溺回忆也不能把昨天留下      现实不该打岔
就倾听     它为你     安排幸福计划
现在出发      别忘了这个世界那么宽大
总会在某个角落     每一个渴望     都有正确解答
风景的变换为了在对的一颗心      住下
二零一三年 我写了一首旋律 找朋友填了词 却找不到合适的声音

二零一七年 那个人出现了 唱过之后 我竟然在不经意间发现 原来这是写给自己的一首歌


CS Peng
The Runaway Pianist
Live at Intune Music's 10th Anniversary Concert 
"Inspiration Lah!" on 19 December 2017!
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