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Where Heaven and Earth Meet - Sample Piano Score

Where Heaven And Earth Meet 
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This is the piano score for the song, 'Where Heaven and Earth Meet', one of Chi Sheng's Runaway Pianist Piano Singles.

I cannot remember how many times we had broken up, 
and on the day we finally ended our relationship, 
we felt the warmth of the golden sun setting in the horizon. 

We laughed, fought and worked so hard to fill up our first piggy bank. 

Didn't we enjoy playing our silly games? 
Scissors, Paper, Stone! 
The one who lost would have to do the dishes or switch off the light before we sleep. 

You asked me if there was a place where heaven and earth meet? 
I replied that if our love is strong enough, when we die, we will meet again at that sacred place. 
And let’s do a little waltz too. 

I cannot remember how many times we had broken up, 
but on that day we finally ended our relationship, 
the golden sun was setting in the horizon, 




 此刻,收音机响起了我们的歌: “微微风,涌起旧梦,拾起一片回忆如叶落。。”

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